Affinis ensemble

(oboe, clarinet, saxes, trumpet, guitar, percussion, piano)
I have written Affinis-suite which consists of the following works: Attitude (2004), Duped (2006), Redolence (2007), Intermittent interplay (2007), Fumblemumble (2007), Effect without cause (2006). The complete suite was premiered on Borealis festival 2008. It was released on the cd Affinis suite (+3db) in 2009. Affinis also has my piece Ein Hundeleben on the repertoar and I have made some arrangements of Weill songs for them.

Trio Alpaca

(vl, vlc, pno)
Kvartett (kla(eb), vl, vlc, pno) and Systema Naturae (vl, vlc, pno) was commissioned by Trio Alpaca. Together with Kvintett (2vl, vla, vlc, pno) these three pieces was released on ¯ra Fonogram in 2010 and is nominated for Spellemansprisen (Norwegian Grammy) in two categories. The cellist, Marianne B. Lie, also has Tryllesangen on the repertoar and has commissioned Prelude, Sarabande, Gig (2010).

SPUNK has worked together since 1995. My mothership. Consist of Kristin Andersen, Maja S.K. Ratkje, Hild Sofie Tafjord and myself.


(fl, hn, vlc, db)
This new improquartet consists of Bjørnar Habbestad, Hild Sofie Tafjord, Michael Francis Duch and myself. Lots of fun with acoustic instruments. We have released two albums: IIIIIII in 2008 and Aigean in 2010.

Duo Jernberg/Grenager

voice and cello
Together with swedish singer Sofia Jernberg I am embarking on a new impro-adventure. We released our first album Crochet in 2009.

Ellen Aagaard

photo: Lars Ove Kvalbein phone +47 98 40 18 29 or
Rites and Ceremonies was written for Ellen and she has also performed Garden works, Drei Goethe Lieder and Gudrun Gjukesdotter.

Ensemble Ernst

phone +47 93 40 53 55 or
Ensemble Ernst has performed and recorded Pendulum. At the Ultima festival in October 2006 they first performed my Celloconcerto with the cellist Tanja Orning.
The ensembles trombonist, Sverre Riise, has commissioned Garden works too with the percussionist Rune Halvorsen.

Liv Frengstad

Liv has played Tryllesangen hundreds of times as a part of her Den magiske strengen (The magic string), a performance for children 3-7 years of age.


(vl, vlc)
Kyberia consists of Victoria Johnson (vl) and Tanja Orning (vlc). They have played and recorded Helleristning I. My Celloconcerto is written for Tanja and she also plays Tryllesangen.

Other ensembles with my works on the repertoar

Cikada String Quartet
(Late Feet)(Kvintett)

Copenhagen Saxophone Quartet
(Late Feet)


Bod¿ Sinfonietta
(Steal, stole, stolen)

Det Norske BlŒseensemble
(Naturum non facit saltum)

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